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Puerto Rico , Tuesday 23 January 2018

News Puerto Rico » Maunabo: Puerto Rico: 450,000 Residents Without Electricity Four Months After Hurricane

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Publication date: onday 22 January 2018

The interim director of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (AEE), Justo Gonzalez ... especially the municipalities of Maunabo, Yabucoa and Naguabo. Congress approved an emergency loan of almost $5 billion for Hurricane Maria aid, but the funds ...

News Puerto Rico » Maunabo: Army engineers bring vital electricity to Puerto Rico with microgrid technology

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Publication date: onday 08 January 2018

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- In a continuing mission to restore critical electrical ... Those microgrids are operating in Patillas, Maunabo, Naguabo and Yabucoa. "We are now looking more into the central portions of the island, and the potential for some ...

News Puerto Rico » Maunabo: Grandmother of Central Florida pilot says she'll stay in Maunabo home on Puerto Rico despite damage

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Publication date: uesday 03 October 2017

Maria Esmeralda Davila, 85, catches up over a table of dominoes with two neighbors in her Maunabo home — a southeast town just a few miles from where Hurricane Maria first made landfall on Sept. 20. "Los palos se cayeron, pero pa'lante," Davila said.

News Puerto Rico » Maunabo: 3 days in Puerto Rico, and we saw FEMA once

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Publication date: Wednesday 11 October 2017

It’s clear Maria wrought catastrophic damage on the US territory — setting Puerto Rico back decades. People wait in line to receive water and food at the Matuyas Community Center in Maunabo, Puerto Rico. José Jiménez-Tirado José Jiménez-Tirado ...

News Puerto Rico » Maunabo: Sandy Hook shooting tragedy hits Puerto Rico mayor’s family

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Publication date: Saturday 15 December 2012

Marquez-Green, the grandchild of the sister of the Mayor of Maunabo, Puerto Rico, Jorge Marquez. “I want to believe this is not really happening to me,”said the little girl’s grandmother, Elba Iris Marquez, who was described by the newspaper as ...

News Puerto Rico » Maunabo: Why Puerto Rico's debt crisis could get even worse

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Publication date: onday 21 November 2016

Although Maunabo’s long-term debt of $18 million might not seem like much, it is substantial relative to its small population of 11,335 people. This is part of the problem in Puerto Rico: There are 33 municipalities with a population of less than 30,000 ...

News Puerto Rico » Maunabo: After Hurricane Maria: Scenes from Puerto Rico 1 month later [photos]

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Publication date: uesday 31 October 2017

LNP reporter Michael Deibert traveled to and reported on hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico for nearly a week — from Aibonito ... to the coastal town of Maunabo, where he saw hundreds of residents, many with ties to Lancaster, waiting in line for their ...

News Puerto Rico » Maunabo: Puerto Rico will stand up, and Rocklanders can help: Rockland Deputy CE Rosa

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Publication date: Friday 10 November 2017

Today, the American citizens of Puerto Rico are in desperate need. Houses that were damaged by Hurricane Maria in the seaside town of Maunabo in Puerto Rico ... Puerto Rico se levanta” — Puerto Rico will stand up. Yes, it will, with the support ...

News Puerto Rico » Maunabo: Puerto Rico Reels as Hurricane Maria Turns Toward U.S. East Coast

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Publication date: Saturday 23 September 2017

As Maria makes its way north, residents of Puerto Rico are beginning to assess the full extent of the storm’s destruction. Locals in the town of Maunabo, on the southeast coast of the island, could be seen lining up at a freshwater spring near the base ...